Friday, June 11, 2010

That's better - and activity points too!
Burning Bush (turns red in the fall), in great need of a trim

Moonbeam Coreopsis, my absolute favorite perennial. Just beginning to bloom.

Midnight enjoying the new grass.

A little miracle gro really made the lillies bloom profusely. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE yellow. The tall green things are future gladiolias.

This was taken this evening-June 10th, looking up from the street. Day Lillies are in beautiful bloom, diahlias are coming up, (bottom left), lots of other perennials growing too.

Trimmed the forsythia WAY back and moving lots of mulch and shale that was there.

More work on the hill, this was taken in early spring as I was trying to spread mulch on the hill area, and plant grass on the upper flat area. We tore out all those nasty evergreen bushy things that were growing on the front of the hill, and replaced it with grass.

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