Friday, May 28, 2010


After taking my time and with much patience I was able to edit my settings so the posts are easier to read. One can do many things with this blog site if she just has the patience to check it all out.

I need practice

Sorry all the posts below are so hard to read. I have to remember to type my text below the picture instead of beside it. Well, maybe you'll enjoy looking at the pictures just the same.

Double Wedding Ring lap quilt

I took a class for this one. Wedding ring quilts and curved seams really aren't that hard. I enjoyed doing special quilting in the neutral blocks.

strawberry fields

Another table runner using a fun strawberry print.

Family reunion. I made a small lap quilt. Each family signed their names in one of the blocks.

One of my very first quilts

The purples in this are very soft, this doesn't really do it justice. I loved teh soft lilac and yellow and greens together.

All of the fabric was purchased at "Miller's Dry Goods" in Charm, Ohio

Ohio-the heart of it all

This piece

of rock we found was shaped just like Ohio. Pretty amazing. We used it as a homeschool project to identify rivers, the capital and where we lived.

My flower garden table runner

Table runners are so fun to make. I'm trying to make several for every season and to have on hand to give as gifts.

I like stars

This is called a Milky Way Star. I like stars of any kinds, I like nice sharp points and angles, I don't always get them just right but I like the way they look.

A friend bought all these fat quarters and and pattern for me to make her friend's daughter a "big sister quilt".

Jacob's ladder?

My first attempt at a Jacob's ladder quilt. I don't think I got the color arrangement just right, but it made a nice pastel lap quilt.

embroidered kittens

These blocks were outline embroidered and some special stitches but just basic embroidery and then sashed to make this funny kitty quilt. It was a lot of fun and a portable project.

church in the wildwood

Close up of one of the theme blocks, "A whole new world, when first I found Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound" and "There is a stirring within my heart each time I remember "how Great Thou Art" and othe rsayings with horses, buggies and old churches.
One of my favorite projects.

This is a nine patch with a theme print in alternating blocks.

Casper on a fall day

Besides my husband, this is my favorite "fellow". This is Casper. He weighs about 13 pounds, came to us as a stray, the vet thinks he is about 10 years old now. He is so friendly, "talks" to everyone, and is super cuddly and full of personality.

Around the World Baby quilt

One of my favorite baby quilts I ever made. This pattern is easy and fun.

autumn door panel

This was a panel that I really liked. I just sandwiched it and did some outline and straight line quilting on it. It hangs on my door in the autumn.

Appliqued kittens

Applique kitten quilt. I fussy cut the kitties from an adorable print and appliqued them to the squares.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A baby quilt I made on consignment. Baseball themed using the Irish Chain pattern

my new blog

Wednesday afternoon - I'm a blogger! YEAH!
I'm also a quilter! DOUBLE YEAH!!

I've been working on my autumn leaf quilt and will post some photos of it later today. Also working on finishing up my spring illuminations kit. It just needs sandwiched and quilted. So beautiful with the fresh spring colors.

More later.