Monday, March 25, 2013

Amish Country mini shop hop

Our quilting group from the church I work at attended the Amish Country Mini quilt shop and cuisine hop last Friday.  Always fun day with the ladies and buying fabric.  I try to buy something from each of the five stores, after all, that's how they stay in business.  I bought some GORGEOUS fabric!!! Blues and yellows to make the basket quilt from Eleanor Burns' Quilts through the seasons.  Just need some time now to get started on it.

Finished up my puppy tilted block quilt and practiced the new machine quilted feathers I am learning to do from a class on Craftsy.  I think the quilt turned out really cute.  I have a recipient in mind.  She's going to be a grandma x2 this year and needs a baby quilt for her house.  The little ones can grow into this and name the pups, etc.  It'll make a great conversation quilt for Grandma's house.

I left the tongue loose on one of the puppies so little fingers can feel it.

And here are some pics of the finished quilts from the quilt shop hop.  Oh yes, the food - it was great too, they had breaded chicken strips, dressing, gravy, caramel cake, and monster cookies, along with the free pattern for this quilt.