Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August update

Almost done with the maple leaf quilt. Just finishing the binding. Hope to get some pics this weekend and post to the blog.

Life has been rushing by, not near enough time to quilt. There was a 30% off every bolt sale at "Gramma Fannie's" Quilt Barn in Berlin, Ohio. Spent WAY too much money on fabric. Brought home 18 cuts of fabric, a birdhouse stencil and a "Quilt in a Day" flying geese ruler. Also, learned from one of the ladies there how to make smaller round centerpieces like the ones they sell. Can't wait to get started and make some new ones for my own decor and for gifts.

I have also found the fun of making my own purses and bags. I'm learning as I go and having lots of fun doing it.


  1. Sounds like you are hooked. LOL Marge

  2. I'd love to see one of the round centerpieces when you get it done.